Make learning happen through radical innovation!

Learn and develop at the same time as perform and deliver in your role or assignment.

How can you develop training such as onboarding, developing leadership and soft skills with technology.

How to balance the digital and the human component when upscaling.

IKEA aims to enable learning for the many co-workers which will lead to a heavy emphasis on digital learning.  How can co-workers balance between learning digitally and learning with others.

How can people who have very limited time learn during work hours on the job.

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Theme #3

Visit Sweden, IKEA style. Take a 2-day tour of Älmhult, the birthplace of the IKEA business. Visit the learning centre, see where products are designed, explore the state-of-the-art 3D imaging lab, and more. Wrap it up with a day in Copenhagen.

Amazon Alexa's for your whole team

Raspberry Pi + sensor kits for your whole team

Get inspired, find teammates and register for the event.

Attend IKODE at the IKEA Learning Centre in Delft.

Work on your prototype for 48-hours.

Demo your prototype in front of IKEA and see if you win!





Consumer Cognitive Psychologists

Learning Designers

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IKODE 8-10

December 2017

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